Hero (You) is the main Protagonist of the Video Game Dragon Quest VIII:Journey Of The Cursed King. He had formally worked as a castle gaurd for King Trode and his Daughter, Princess Medea , at Trodain until something terrible occured one night at the castle. A Jester seeking power by the name of Dhoulmagus , had taken Trodain's most special artifiact, a tightly sealed up sceptre of immense power. He had taken the chance to steal it, as King Trode and Princess Medea just came up to the situation. Once Dhoulmagus stole the sceptre, he used his power to turn King Trode into an Ugly looking Troll and Princess Medea into a Horse. Dhoulmagus then proceeded outside where he unleashed his full power. The sceptre contained power which was too much for him to control, so it caused him to unleash a devastating blow of thorny Vines around the whole castle, leaving it all ugly, sad, and in thorns. The castle wasn't the only thing affected, the gaurds, maids, and people in general in the castle were affected too, turned into thorns. Miraculously, Hero survives along with King Trode and Princess Medea in their Troll and Horse forms. After this occurance, they set on a journey to locate Dhoulmagus , destroy him, and restore King Trode and Princess Medea to their Original Human Forms. Along his journey, he comes across Yangus , originating from Pickham , Jessica , originating from Alexandria , and Angelo , who lived in Maella Abbey , but his area of Origin is unknown.


The Hero (You) Of The Game